Жанр: | Trip-Hop | Instrumental hip-hop | beats | Jazzy Hip-Hop, jazz-hop | funky beats | boom-bap | beatmaking | dream-pop | alternative hip-hop | downtempo | experiemental | indie | cinematic |

Греческий семплист и битмейкер Mononome, участник трип-хоповой группы "Lost In The Woods", маэстро извлечения мягкого джазца из пыльных уголков своих выдумок, поражает спелым битом и истинным лоу-фай очарованием.
Started making beats in 2007, Mononome is a sample-based producer from Thessaloniki, Greece. His sounds could not really fit into a sub-culture of sound, but instrumental Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop seems to do it justice, of course, always with a twist. Experimenting with samples from the 50's until the late 80's he's always trying to blend as many tunes and grooves possible when creating a song, always maintaining a jazzy element whether that's in the fore or the background, processing all of it on analog hardware only, for the sake of true and warm sound. At the end of the day, it's all about constantly digging for records and evolving his sound, appreciating the beautiful art that is, sampling.
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